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The Nimbus Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

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Brand: LocalVape

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Nimbus Features:

The Nimbus Features "Spit Back Protection" As the name Suggests it protects you from irritating spit back that you normally get when your dripper atomizer gets "flooded" with e-liquid. It also serves as a flavor booster because of the hole size inside the drip tip hole. It Concentrates the vapor from the wick to your taste buds so you can really taste your juice!

The Nimbus is the only Filipino made atomizer that has "spit back protection" 

The Nimbus has 2 insulators. The one on top is a soft insulator, this one serves as a warning about how you treat your Nimbus, if it gets bloated it means you're torching your nimbus directly straight into the insulator (it sounds stupid but a lot of people do this) The other insulator on the bottom part is made of PA66 it's high heat resistance and placement makes it near impossible to destroy (unless you are really trying to destroy it)

The Juice well is a nice addition specially for some "over drippers" out there. With this, the excess juice that falls from your wick will stay below in the well and when its time to the wick will absorb the excess juice as wel. So you waste less juice!

The three poles of the Nimbus make dual coil or even quad coil builds easier to make. The Holes in the poles make rebuilding your wicks easier too. 

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