E-Cigarettes Vs Traditional Smoking


E-cigarettes are comparatively safer than traditional smoking. If the body is subjected to high doses of nicotine all of a sudden (if you have switched from traditional smoking to e-juice and you aren’t a heavy smoker), the side effects may occur such as nausea, racing pulse or headaches. The vape juice in e-cigarettes gets converted into lactic acid once it reached the body. Body might react to this reaction causing muscle cramps, headaches, body aches, etc. People also show allergic reactions when they consume vegetable glycerin. The body reacts showing symptoms of rashes, diarrhea, and irritation on joints. Some consumers of e-juice tend to sweat more often. Dryness of mouth is very common among the vape juice users. Anyhow, in traditional smoking, the nicotine is directly inhaled by the consumer and it is not possible to change the levels of nicotine in your cigarette, using e-vape, you can prefer your type of smoke the way you want. Traditional smoking, causes the nicotine to leave tar in the lungs. Since e-cigarettes convert any levels of nicotine into vapor, the chances of tar accumulation is very low or might be a very slow process. If you, however, use e-juice regularly, then only in the long run there arises chances of the collection of tar. You cannot rate e-juice 100% safe either. The vapor has the presence of carcinogens and can cause cancer in the long run depending on how often you use the product. Popcorn lung is frequently reported among frequent e-juice users. Popcorn lung is a condition where your lungs gets infected and swollen.

Smoking e-cigarettes however, does not cause any dental threat. Traditional smoking creates secondhand smoke and leads to accumulation of black tar in your teeth. E-smoking rules this possibility out. Holding the smoke in your mouth for a long time before you inhale can cause cough. Try to avoid lung vaping as much as you can. In lung vaping, you breathe the smoke directly into your lungs serving as threat to your lungs in the long run. Avoid this practice on a continuous level. Throat hit is a practice to how long the inhaled vapor is kept in your lungs. For some people, storing the smoke for a long time can lead to an intolerable sensation. Seek a throat hit that suits you. Always check the ingredients of your e-juice. But those products that contain vegetable glycerin as it is comparatively safe for your health. Avoid e-juice that consists of propylene diacetyl. Diacetyl is often used as a substitute for vegetable glycerin and is rated unsafe for health.

Heavy chain smokers can reduce their nicotine intake by first switching to low levels of e-juice and eventually quitting. The switching method is highly recommended for heavy nicotine smokers. A study done in 2012 titled “Comparison of the effects of e-cigarette vapor and cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke on indoor air quality” indicated that e-cigarettes are much safer than traditional tobacco smoking and that their constituents serve no threat to human health.


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